Frequently Asked Questions

It is located at the Faculty of Social Sciences building (Level 2) of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

The R&D activities undertaken at CoDS are multidisciplinary in nature, guided by the social model of disability and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). As in the Convention, CoDS views disability as ‘an evolving concept’, resulting ‘from interaction between people with disabilities and attitudinal and environmental barriers that hinders their full and effective participation on equal basis with persons without disabilities’. Our research projects therefore focus on exploring social, political, cultural and economic factors that define disability, with the general aim of promoting the development of people with disabilities (PWD) and fostering an inclusive society.

Provide leadership and support for a range of programmes on research, education and practice related to different areas of disabilities and different issues on disability including disability and human rights, social and cultural participation, community engagement and inclusive education. Share resources within UNIMAS and with other universities, educational institutions, service organizations and civil society groups nationally and internationally on research and practice related to disability. Conduct inclusive research which generates knowledge of people’s experiences of disability and develops collaborative effort to address marginalisation, stigma and the removal of other barriers that prevent full participation of PWD. Inform service and policy development through creating forums which empower and enable people with different abilities to come together to create an inclusive society. Create extensive networks and partnerships with various institutions and agencies to promote practice, research and policy that contributes towards a disability-sensitive society. Provide an advisory service to UNIMAS on creating a user-friendly environment for students and staff with disabilities.